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Rejoice in the lord always!

At times when we look at the state of this world, our own woes, it can feel quite overwhelming, like you see it coming but are paralyzed do anything about it. This is when we must choose to rejoice in the Lord, choose to shout in exultation to the God of your salvation.

Know this:

" the Lord God is my strength (my source of Courage, my Invincible army) He has made my feet  (steady and sure) like hinds' feet and makes me walk ( forward with spiritual confidence) on my high places ( of Challenge and responsibility)." Habakkuk 3:19

You see, we know trials will come but when we choose freely to rejoice in and through the woes, he will cause you to walk with your head held high, back straight, and vision forward.

Now, with all that praise and worship going on there's no time for woe is me! it's time to Rejoice y'all! now who's shouting with me?


#smooches 💋





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