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The Great Escape

Have you ever been so afraid of something that it just gripped you and you can't shake it?

Well mine is fear of death! I have seen a lot of it. I think it began with the loss of my grandfather who was buried on my birthday (not a good way to celebrate my birth). Then moving on to the death of a very close friend (my best friend). Then my dad (who I loved dearly, daddy's girl). To my husband (who I loved unconditionally). Now these deaths did not take place back-to-back but their impact felt like it. This left me constantly questioning my own mortality daily. It became quite exhausting!

There is probably no greater bondage over humans than Despair and death. So how do we break this horrible bondage? Even the best of Christians can be gripped by despair at times.

But God has the Great Escape Plan! He teaches us in his word that by refocusing our present experiences upon the power and relationship we have in Christ and also with the help of fellow Christians who are in active fellowship with us, we can and will escape the destructive nature of despair.

I can't tell you how freeing it was when I finally prayed and asked God to take away that fear from me and renew my mind! As he began to reveal scripture of his power and presence in my life, I could feel the bondage wrappings begin to fall off. And as he instructs me to write and put it out there, fear is loosening its deceptive grip!

So let me drop this in your spirit, 

Satan wants nothing more than to hold you captive in your mind. Once you avow (declare openly, confess) these fears, they no longer have power over you. You even look back afterwards and say, wow, how did I let such a little thing take up such a big space in my life?

Don't let your present pain hide the reality of God's presence!

I pray that my story will inspire you to write your own Great Escape story!


#smooches 💋





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