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Wind Word

Have you ever started a project, book, class, exercise program, etc. and ended up not completing it? (been there, done that, brought the T-shirt). When we constantly begin something but never bring it to a proper end, some may say it's procrastination, attention deficit (ADD), or even downright laziness.

As Believers we do this all the time. You know!  We start studying God's word, we do it diligently every day, then before you know it we barely give him thanks when we wake up in the morning. Or, how about we start going to church on the regular, involved in many committees, ministries, etc. then you look around and you're sleeping in on Sundays (or your Sabbath day), and televangelism now becomes your new normal. 

In other words we become like the Church of Sardis (Revelation 3). Our softness, lack of discipline, and dedication is leading us down a path of impending doom. We've become too comfortable with loose- living and are notoriously pleasure and luxury loving.

How can we turn this around:

 Jesus wants us (the church) to be watchful (examine and protect, strengthen what you have) your faith, your spiritual practices etc. Secondly, he wants us to remember how we first heard and received the word of God. Hold fast to it and restore, by repenting, the gospel and the apostolic Doctrine to be the authority over our lives. 

Get back to being diligent about your walk with God. Wake up! Be watchful of our easy living and spoiled nature and listen! "Listen to the wind words, the spirit blowing through the churches." (Revelation 3:6)


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