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Is money really the root of all evil?

This question came to mind this morning as I read Acts 19, versus 24-27 in particular. When you get the opportunity I implore you to read it! But I just want to touch on it a little.

So this silversmith named Demetrius was feeling some kind of way because Paul's teachings of Jesus Christ was causing non-believers to repent and start following Jesus. Because of this, the image of the idle they worshipped, in this instance was Artemis (Diana), was no longer needed which threatened not only his livelihood but the livelihood of his fellow craftsmen. So he staged a coup among them which caught on to the people in the city leaving them confused and angry.

Now, you can continue to read what happens after that but it just got me to thinking how, because of our self-serving zeal, we allow money to work in negative ways for us. Is it that the money is evil or is what we do with it and what's planted in our hearts evil?

I also thought about this, what if Demetrius had only looked at things differently? What if he had only taken up the teachings of Paul, repented and became a follower of Jesus Christ? Could he have started crafting things that represented Christ such as the cross, Ark of the Covenant, Etc. Would he have missed out on one dime? He worshipped money  and when that was threatened that's when the evil came out! Just things that make you say hmmmm!

So going back to my original question, is money the root of all evil or is it our self-serving  zeel that creates the evil? What say you?

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