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The waiting list

Wait on the Lord for he is surely coming, and while you wait (with expectation, anticipation, hope in him), He will give you strength because we will become weary. He will increase your power because during the wait you will come up against things that you will have to fight through and against which will deplete you.

You see, God already knows that waiting on him will challenge your human Spirit! He knows it's no easy task, so he has put things in place for us. He sets us up with good stuff just like a good good father would.

There is work to be done during the wait!  lift up your hands and worship to draw closer to him. During the wait, run on and spread his good news to the non-believers. During the wait, walk It Out, walk through those doors that you thought we're closed, walk around your Jericho walls and watch them come tumbling down! Oh, there's plenty to do for His Kingdom while we wait, trust and believe!

So, when you start feeling antsy take out your waiting list, go over it and see how  God has already equipped you for the wait. (Inspired by Isaiah 40: 28 -31)


#smooches 💋





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