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Patient endurance

Patience is not passive but active! When we think of the word patience the first thing we think of is waiting and doing nothing. But that is so far from what God means when He tells us to be patient, to endure!

There is power in patience! And God's purpose for putting trials in our lives is to teach us something. As we figuratively sit and endure the trial, actively seek what it is that we're supposed to learn from it. It's for a reason! Spiritual maturity comes from patients and trial is necessary for our personal development.

Maybe God is telling you to be patient about a situation in your life right now. Does that mean to just sit there and wait till God says move? No! He wants you to actively seek him,  really get in his face and ask him, okay God what is the lesson? What is it that you're trying to show me? How can I learn from this? What am I doing or not doing?

God has a purpose for each trial we encounter. "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him." Job 13:15. So we must trust the process. With each trial we become stronger for the next one, and oh yes there will be a next one, and a next one....

But there is joy in knowing that as they come, it's an opportunity to strengthen our faith, get closer to God, gain wisdom, and actively have patient endurance.


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