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Be happy in the mud!

Good morning loves!

I read this story this morning and had to share it with you guys!  I hope it speaks to your spirit. Tell me what you think, give me some feedback:

Zhuang Zi was a brilliant philosopher and strategist who lived in ancient China. His abilities were many and several rulers sought his services. One of them, King Wei, sent his courtiers out to Zhuang Zi’s pastoral home to invite him to come to Wei’s court and be the leader’s chief counselor. They found him there fishing by the river bank. 

Seeing his poor situation, they thought Zhuang Zi would jump at the chance for status and reward. Yet when they made their proposal to him, he said, “Once upon a time there was a sacred turtle, which was happy living his life in the mud. Yet, because he was sacred, the king’s men found him, took him to the royal palace, killed him and used his shell to foresee the future. Now tell me, would that turtle prefer to have given up his life to be honored at the palace, or would he rather be alive and enjoying himself in the mud?”  The courtiers responded that, of course, the turtle would be happier in the mud. To which Zhuang Zi replied, “And so you have my answer. Go home and let me be a happy turtle here in the mud.”

The lesson I take from this parable is that we are often easily bewitched by advancement, fame, and reward. And we are so seduced by it that we trade our most precious resource, time, to get it. And many times, looking back, we are unhappy with the trade-off. So before I take on more, I try and think about if I’d be happier with “fame” or woud I have more fun enjoying my time “in the mud”.- by Mark McNeilly 


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