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The Spectator

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation like a car accident or maybe in a place that you can sense the danger lurking and then all of a sudden, it's as if you're having an out-of-body experience where you are a spectator, looking at the danger but it's not touching you? You escaped from the car without a scratch, the stranger that was following you suddenly gets distracted or spooked off!

Amid all the danger you were merely a spectator. You saw it coming but it never comes near you! That my friends is divine covering. Psalm 91:8 says 

" you will only be a spectator as you look on with your eyes and Witness the Divine repayment of the wicked as you watch safely from the shelter of the most high."

"Nothing can happen to us that God does not allow. We must trust him"- David Regan

God will protect us from the evil that will come on us had it not been for his protection. That is why it's muy important that we stay close to God. Moving away from him even for a second renders you vulnerable and removes some of his protective care.

Sip on this tea: the day will come when the saints of God will be protected from all evil. Sin will be judged but we will be spared, why, because we are taking the necessary steps to ensure our Eternal salvation. Stick close to him people, stick close!

Please share your story of a time where you were a spectator and you received gods covering. Your story May encourage someone!


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