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Blessed and favored by God are those who keep His testimonies (His word, His witness), and who (cons

We must first get a thing before we can keep it. In order to get the word of God (His testimonies) we must do three things; search, love, and practice. Search the scriptures so that you will get an understanding of them. Love what he is saying and teaching and keep it in your heart. Lastly practice his teachings, embrace it and get a grip of it.

If we keep God's testimonies they will keep us! In keeping them there is great reward! God has entrusted us with the gospel. And Trust, you don't want to lose it! Treasure it like you treasure that fine piece of jewellery. Wear it around your neck for others to see. Don't keep it locked up in the jewelry box only pulling it out on special occasions. For every day is a special occasion! 


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