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It Ain't About You!

Yes, that's right, I said ain't! But for those who are a stickler for grammatical form I'll say, it is not all about you! I know at times we feel like it is, right? I mean, we have ourselves pretty much together, have some creature comforts, and probably have been around the world and I, I, I but hold up, wait a minute! Let's not forget, we're living in pure grace! God's grace which he gives to us freely every single day!

You can take all that goodness and dress it up and pretty it up and say it's for God but guess what, God brings it all to you! We must know who God is and what he does for us, not what we are and what we do for him! 

Remember, we are all a part of one body. Christ's body (the church). And that we cannot function apart from that. Have you ever injured a part of your body, could be the tiniest part like a finger for example, and realize just how important that finger is because now you can't write, or dress yourself, or do something that used to seem so simple? Same thing! 

Never think yourself higher or better than anyone else. We all have meaning and function as part of His body. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to get in where you don't fit in. Relax, do what you were called to do and be gracious in it! For the word says, " God has appointed to each a degree of faith (and a purpose designed for service)." So it ain't all about you, it's all about us!

(Inspired by Romans 12:3)


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