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Do good for The Souls of others

Psalm 51 is a prayer of repentance. Though God may suffer his people to fall into sin, and to lie a great while in it, yet he will, by some means or other, recover them to repentance, bring them to himself, and to their right mind again.- (

Do not be ashamed to repent of your sin! Own it! Don't worry about losing face, because boldly you committed these sins so boldly confess them. And by your example, others will be given the freedom to do the same. Your act of repentance will instruct them on what to do and say. By doing so, you strengthen your brothers and sisters in Christ. So Step Up!  Fly into the face of God quickly and cast yourself upon his Mercy. 

We may fall down but we get back up again for God graciously upholds us and raises us up again!

Repentance, it does a body (the body of Christ, His church) good! 

Take a listen:


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