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What kind of water are you drinking?

The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, so no more drinking from death -tainted Wells!- Proverbs 14 MSG

There are two ways to get water, from a well or from a fountain. Water from a well is still, has no movement and therefore gets easily contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of harmful stuff and needs a filtration system.

Water from a fountain is always moving and movement allows it to renew itself rendering it of good quality and so it is drinkable.

God's word is like drinking from the fountain. It is refreshing to the soul because it is of good quality. It brings life and when you drink in his word you are in fact exercising your faith!

Now, on the contrary, when we choose to drink from the well, we are choosing to trust in our own strength, our own skills, our own resources, pretty much resting on our own laurels so to speak. But the thing about that is, one day those things are no longer going to serve you. You see, problems will arise, adversities will come and that contaminated, still sitting well water can't help, because why? It's full of crap! Plain and simple!

When situations come, as they will, you're going to want some fresh clean stuff, full of good quality and easy to swallow! Take it from me, you can drink from your own well if you want'll get bacteria!!! But if you drink from God's Fountain you will be healthy, wealthy, and wise. No filter needed!


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