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The Harvest

So, we are at the end of harvest time also known as the Festival of Booths, Sukkot (Hebrew name). This is a time to focus and reflect on how God has provided for you and yours, how he has harvested you (the product) and brought you through to completion.

Sure we had to do our part by planting and sowing but here Comes the tricky part. During your planting and sowing time what were you planting and snowing?  Were you planting and sowing seeds of love and kindness or hate and selfishness.? Were you speaking words of blessings and encouragement over others or cursing and tearing down? Did you try your best and surrendered the rest to God? Did you even know that there was a planting and sowing time?

Fieldwork is a never-ending job. Okay, so after reflecting you realize that you didn't quite get it right. Well glory to God, he is a God of second chances and has given us this time, right now, to begin preparing for our spring season.

There is some post- harvesting things that need to be done so that our next harvest will be bountiful and full of joy. We need to clean up negativity, put away our sin nature, and pray that God will move mightily in our lives.

Get up! get moving then! there are things to fix up and move around. I know, it's dirty work and a miserable job but think of the beautiful harvest God will provide for you.

Reflect on this; God is in control of the harvest time, it is His good pleasure. We just have to acknowledge His part in it.


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