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The LOVE Message!

Good morning loves, here's your Diva Devotional💋 Let's practice love today! Start with yourself. For when you love yourself, you love God. How can you say you love him when you don't love yourself, it's impossible! Once we practice self-love then we can love others freely and genuinely. Did you know that loving yourself and loving others is truly living? Did you also know that when we focus on love it shuts down our own debilitating self-criticism? Yep, that's what the word says. " For God is greater than our worried hearts and know more about us than we do ourselves." (1 John 3:18-20) Want to stop condemning yourself, fill up on love! Want to receive what you ask for, fill up on love! Want to bind the hand of the enemy, fill up on love! Want to be bold and free before God, fill up on love! Listen, he's commanding us to do this, to love ourselves and love one another, he's not bartering with us, he commands it! He gave us the spirit of love, his spirit, that abides deep in us. 

Just like we fill up our cars with gas, fill yourself up with some premium LOVE today! I love y'all! #beyourownkindofbeautiful #smooches 💋 #iamacounselor #iamachristianlifecoach #iamamotivationalspeaker #speakitintoexistence  

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