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Give Him crazy praise!

Good morning loves! Shout out to YHWH (God) daily so that you will be rescued spiritually! Which means to worship Him, adore Him, sing to Him every day that He gives us breath and we will be saved! Let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord! Now just know that some may look at you cray cray because you are unapologetically, unashamed of your worship! but like Peter said to the Jews who were visiting Jerusalem in Acts 2: 14-21, they ain't drunk, it's only 9:00 in the morning! They are just getting their praise on!!!💃💃💃 So carry on! Love y'all 💋 #beyourownkindofbeautiful #smooches 💋 #iamacounselor #iamachristianlifecoach #iamamotivationalspeaker #speakitintoexistence  

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