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"Most of the situations that entangle your mind  are not today's concerns; You have borrowed them from tomorrow. In this case, I lift the problem out of today and deposit it in the future, where it is veiled from your eyes. In it's place I give you My Peace, which flows freely from My Presence."- Jesus Calling Devotionals

           Do not be anxious about anything, but in              everything, by prayer and petition, with                thanksgiving, present your requests to               God.- Philippians 4:6

Prayer: Abba, today I bring all my worries and fears and place them at your feet, then I will rejoice with thanksgiving, knowing that your peace will get me through this day and as for tomorrow, well, I know we will tackle that together. I just want to bask in your presence today where I will find peace. Amen! (Amin)

I love y'all for real!







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