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You say!

For all The times you felt you weren't good enough. All The Times you try to measure up to others expectations. All The Times you've tried, and tried, and yet failed. 

God says; your perfect in my sight, you needn't live up to anyone's expectations but mine for I knew you from before you were in your mother's womb. When I see you, I don't see failure, I see you building strength and character, going through the trials I have set before you and even the ones that you set for yourself, I'm their to carry you through! It's because I knew you would have times like these that I have given you my words to meditate on. When your spirit is downcast,  downcast that spirit by worshiping like David did when he was held captive. For surely the enemy will rush in like a flood but I will overtake him like a tidal wave!

 Thus sayeth you're God!

Take a listen:

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

#smooches 💋





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