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Prayer For a Weary Soul!

Father, you know that we are tired and weary. And you promised in your word that you will satiate our weary soul and replenish our sorrowful soul (Jeremiah 31:25)

 So father, we need you to do us a solid today. Help us to be satisfied in the abundance you have already soooo graciously shared with us. Let us never forget your promise. We joyously submit ourselves in faith knowing that the rest and satisfaction you have promised is already here.

Remember:  We have not because we ask not! Tell him what you want!

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

 #smooches 💋#iamacounselor #iamachristianlifecoach #iamamotivationalspeaker #speakitintoexistence 

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