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The Debt of Unforgiveness

Choose to forgive today. Don't worry that because you forgive the person that hurt you that they have won! No!  You get the VICTORY because you're obeying God and his promise to you.

Listen, it is the enemy's plan to trick you into thinking that forgiveness is weakness on your part! It's quite the opposite my loves! It take strength to forgive, it takes courage to forgive, and it takes love to forgive, love of God and yourself.

So release the person, it may even be yourself, from the debt of unforgiveness. Now let me just say this, you may not "FEEL" any different once you make the decision but that's when FAITH steps right on in. You've done your part, you made the decision, now let go and let God! And trust, all of a sudden you feel healed in your emotions, you feel whole, lighter, freer towards that person or yourself. Maaan, folks are gonna wonder what happy pill You've been taking! 💃💃💃Lol

 You want to get out of debt? Forgive!

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞 

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