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Your Identity Lies in Christ

your emotions do not define the core of who you are. What you do at home and work is important and even necessary, but what you do will change one day, so make sure your identity rests in your unchanging Savior Jesus Christ. When your career platform of influence shifts to another stage, remember whose you are, respect yourself and serve selflessly. What others think about you is probably more or less than you deserve, but God knows what’s in your heart. You are His precious child created for doing good. So, do good with and for the Lord. The possessions you enjoy are nice, but they will only have their proper place in your life if Jesus possesses your heart. If all you have disappeared, would your identity fly away with your stuff or would you rest secure as a beloved child of God? In Christ, you are a dearly loved child who walks in the way of love. Be generous with your possessions and you will free their influence in defining you. Who are you? A dearly loved child of God, who walks in love! -Wisdom Hunters Devotional

I love ya'll for real 

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