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Love Sees Jesus  In Others💓

I find myself from time to time thinking poorly about another, and frankly at times I get downright angry at someone’s insensitivity toward me or someone I care about. Only when I pray for them am I prepared to love them like the Lord loves them. I have to ask myself, though I have been hurt by this person, how by the power of the Holy Spirit can I look beyond my hurt to the healing their heart needs. In Jesus’ name, I can pray for wholeness of soul for both of us. My posture of prayer prepares me to let go of my hang ups and lift up a needy soul in love.-Wisdome Hunters 

God is truly working on me with unforgiveness! I recognize that it's something I truly  can't do on my own!  I must solicit the help of the Holy Spirit. It's not something that you can just pray one time and it's healed, Just like a fractured bone,  it takes weeks to heal, to fuse back together And the same goes for our broken hearts.

 Give yourself time. Be patient with yourself and others and pray daily.

 If God has burdened your heart with unforgiveness that means he's working out a wonderful thing for your life! Embrace it, walk through it and hold his hand. He's got you boo!

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

#smooches 💋





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