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What is your more ? Do you need more love, more money, more peace, more understanding, more validation… ? Think about your more...

Now, I want you to think about how God has already given you everything you need. These things that you think you need more of pales in comparison to what the Father has and continues to give you! It's downright priceless when you think about it! Yet we grumble. But even in our grumbling God is still faithful and will rain bread from heaven for us.

So the next time you want to sit down in your pity party because you don't have this or that, think about how he gives you EVERYTHING YOU  NEED! NOT EVERYTHING  YOU WANT! 

Believe you me, I have had lots of those parties and am sure I will have plenty more, but thanks be to God he will remind us in a heart beat that what he created he cares for! 

Full stop, period, done, the end!!!💃💃

I love ya'll for real! 

Please enjoy this song, ties it all together! 

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

#smooches 💋







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