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There are at least 3 accounts of Jesus being anointed in The Bible. One was, of course, when God anointed him as the chosen one to save us from sin and the one to come again to Usher in his everlasting Kingdom. The other account was the woman ( a sinner)  Who brought the oil in an alabaster jar to anoint the feet of Jesus. And then there was Mary of Bethany who anointed Jesus's head with spikenard (an essential oil) days before his crucifixion. Interestingly enough,  "nard" in the word spikenard means "light". 🤔  OK let me get back on course. 

So I wondered, why was the oil by both women brought in an alabaster jar? Why not in any old glass bottle?

 Welp, I began to research alabaster and this may explain its significance or symbolism, when it comes to Jesus and anointing him.

Alabaster is a mineral that has to be mined. It is formed very deep down in the earth and is usually surrounded by other minerals . Because it deteriorates when exposed to the surface,  much of it that is mind cannot be used and is cut away. Only the translucent parts are used,  rendering it very expensive! Thusly, people only use it to house very expensive perfumes, oils, and ointments to keep them pure and unspoiled. It is sealed with wax to prevent spillage and is strong enough to contain the oil.

Alabaster symbolizes transparency and purity. It is usually white and translucent which makes it look lit from within. 

An expensive mineral, the best! A mineral that symbolizes transparency and purity. A mineral that is not found on the surface but lives deep down (got's to dig deep to get to it), filled with light from within! Wow isn't that symbolic of who Jesus is!!! And let's not forget the oil that pours forth from it; expensive, has healing properties, and is fragrant! 

 Yes, He is our oil, housed in the alabaster jar, ready to be poured out upon us!!! And yes, only the best for our Lord and savior! The best oil contained in the the best jar! ALABASTER!!!💃💃💃

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

#smooches 💋








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