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Fear of Fear

 "There is a natural fear of danger and death; a fear implanted in us."~ Albert Barnes

 I never thought of fear in this way. Never thought that it was skilfully set in us to (a) make us cautious and (b) to induce us to put our trust in God as a preserver and friend.

 Fear is a divine design to help us see that we "need" God and to lead us to Him when we finally come to our senses and recognize that we have no POWER to save ourselves from dangers seen or unseen.

 So when fear grips you like a vise, remember, fear is natural and trying to convey to you to be cautious. Next, this fear is offering you an opportunity to trust the only one that has the POWER to  Deliver you from it.

 The best maxim when we are sick, when we think of death, when we are shaking in our boots is this " What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. "~Psalm 56:3

 Don't try to resist fear, but lean into it with a confident expectation in your divine creator!

I love ya'll for real!

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