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Way Better Than a Cup of Joe

Lord , you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. Psalms 16:5 NLT

He is my cup, yielding Royal luxuries.

 He is the meat and drink of my soul.

 My sorrow cup is shallow but my cup of love is deep and will never be empty.

 Thank you father! I am full!

 From time to time I become overwhelmed with thoughts of financial security, I mean who doesn't these days? And it's in these times that I really cry out to my daddy God because no other help I know. And sure nough, he answered swiftly. Today it was with Psalm 16:5.

 So let me encourage you as I encourage myself. When you take your cares to him he will answer swiftly, you just have to be still and wait, listening, watching, put your antennas up so that you get that good reception! 

When your tuned in to him that's when he'll remind you of your inheritance.

 Glory to God!

I love ya'll for real!


#smooches 💋










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