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You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word.

Psalms 119:114 NKJV

Prayer: Thank you father that I can come to you and hide when things become too much, when the fear and anxiety becomes too much, when my thoughts become too much. You welcome me in and under the shadows of your wings, you hide me.

Sometimes when we hide, we are still visible, we are still vulnerable to things unseen, but your word says not only are you my hiding place but a shield as well. That when I hide in you, you protect me as with a shield. So, come what may, nothing can get to me!

When I think of a shield, I think of how way back in the day, men used to prepare for battle and they would have this full armor of iron on from head to toe with a javelin, mounted on a horse! Fully protected, nothing was penetrating that shield. That is how I envision God shielding us! We are protected from head to toe. So he hides us, he shields us and on his word, that word, I have hope! Because if He said it, so it is!

Let this scripture be your meditation today! Think of all the times you just need a break from it all. Now you know you have the assurance of God's protection and comfort!

Go ahead, cozy on up to the word, snuggle up in his hiding place!

I love y'all for real!


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