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Giving a Fruitful Impression with No Backup

Are we all leaves and no fruit? Is God looking for us with all expectation but receives no satisfaction?

He said that we are to be fruitful and multiply, did he not? You see, it is God who gives fruitfulness and we are to take that fruit and spread it all over! Now, a lack of fruitfulness is a sign of God's curse for our rebellion (hence the story of the fig tree).

The time is now for us, God's people, to yield fruit that will bless the world! God is constantly inspecting us for "early figs". He wants to see if we're spiritually full! But what does he find, "no first-ripe fig that my soul desires"~Micah 7:1. How frustrating that must be for our God!

Take a moment and think about your own fig tree. Is it just a beautiful bloom in appearance but up close, no fig, not a one! We must be careful to not display a false pretense of fruit. Let's not just put on a good show, blinging and clapping loud cymbals. "It's one thing to lack fruit out of season. It's another thing to lack it while pretending you have it."~Greg Lanier

How can we make sure we're not just giving a fruitful impression? Prayer!!! It is and will be the power of faithful prayer that will help us to extend our beautiful branches to the world and bring forth fruit from all nations. That is the backup!

So, don't just present beautiful leaves, check your roots! Make sure they're not all withered and dried up!

I love ya'll for real

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

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