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Keep Your Head Up

"As far as you're concerned, you were planning evil against me, but God intended it for good, planning to bring about the present result so that many people would be preserved alive."

Genesis 50:20(ISV)

Don't you worry your pretty little head when people come up against you whether in heart or in deeds. A wonderful thing will come out of it! Don't even waste a moment thinking of how you can one up them, get them back,nope!

Your creator has a wonderful way of taking the most painful and worse situations, and use it to bring about good, not only for you but for others!

It boils down to choice. You can choose to sit in the injustice, let your heart get all hardened, or you can allow God to do what only he can do!

Faith is the key! Trust him implicitly! His name is JUSTICE!

Now breathe!

I love y'all for real!











#speakitintoexistence 🐞

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