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Love Covenant

What is a covenant?

When God makes a covenant, an agreement with us, he is making a promise( An assurance, a protection, security, pledge), With us. And he never goes back on his promise. Never says O wait, I take that back, I change my mind, like we so often do.

That is one of the reasons he is God and there is none like him. When he makes a promise or covenant with us he is faithful to complete it.

How many times has someone promised they would do something for you and then we renig on the promise? How did you feel, disappointed, angry, did you question your trust for that person?

Well, with the father you can trust and believe that what he says he means. It may not come the way we want it to but you can guarantee it will be for your best. God's love for his people is externally unconditional, inexhaustible, and perfect.

But with that covenant come something that we must do. God will keep his word but we have to walk before him in whole hearted devotion. Meaning, we must commit each and every day to put him FIRST! Seek him continually not intermittently. Be intentional!

No, we are not perfect and he already knows that, but he is looking for some effort on our part and that would be prayer. He always hears them and always forgives.

So make this your daily prayer, your love covenant with the father:

" O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you in all the heaven and Earth. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in whole hearted devotion."~2 Chronicles 6:14

He loves you, even in your broken pieces.

I love ya'll for real












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