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Love From The Center Of Who You Are

Love from the center of who you are, don't fake it!

The heart is the center and source of our whole inner life. Our thinking, feeling, and willingness.

So, if the center of who we are is the heart, filled with how we live our life, how we think, feel and move in this world, all of that will spill out of us and overflow into our relationships, right? 🤔

This is why it's super important to guard your hearts. Be careful that your more concerned about outward appearances than about your heart. God could give 2 figs about status and "show". He's concerned about our hearts.

Check out this passage:

He continued teaching. “Watch out for the religion scholars. They love to walk around in academic gowns, preening in the radiance of public flattery, basking in prominent positions, sitting at the head table at every church function. And all the time they are exploiting the weak and helpless. The longer their prayers, the worse they get. But they’ll pay for it in the end.”

Mark 12:38‭-‬40 MSG

Wow! Let's take this even a step further, We can see this type of behavior outside of religious scholars, can't we? Don't we see this in our everyday walk with every day ordinary people? 😲

The bottom line is this; Be genuine. Be true. Love from the center of who you were truly created from!

I love ya'll for real!


#smooches 💋










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