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Repentance ain't Pretty

True repentance is to turn to God, and away from our sin. You have to do it with all your heart, a total surrender to Him!

 Repentance is an action word. It involves fasting, weeping, and mourning. It is an emotion. Now, not every act of repentance will include fasting and weeping however, it must include action and emotion or else it's not real repentance.

It's said that in the Jewish culture an expression of mourning is the tearing of clothes. It's like saying, I am so overwhelmed with grief that I don't care if I look raggedy! But, Is it possible to tear your garments, look raggedy etc, and not tear your heart?...

You can make a show of repentance if you want to because you think that it's what's expected of you but God wants a heart-repentance. That is what really pleases him!  Rend your heart, not your garments!

If you are a leader among God's people, it is especially important that you lead in repentance. Don't point the finger and say "they need to repent", be the example! That's why you were chosen to lead! Have a rich prayer of repentance in your mouth and pray it over God's people.

Now, with all that weeping, and mourning, and fasting, and tearing your clothes, it's safe to say you won't be making any fashion statements or be featured in any beauty blogs, but you will look beautiful in the eyes of your adoring father!

I love ya'll for real!

#beyourownkindofbeautiful 🐞

#smooches 💋








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