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Roll With the Punches!

Roll with the punches, an old boxing term. It means to adapt to adversity. Boy, we can all use some help navigating that, right! I mean, we can get hit left, right, and center sometimes with no warning, like a sucker punch! 

We may not see it coming but, we can learn how to pivot, shift to the side to deflect the full force of the metaphorical punch. Let’s start putting a few things in our boxing gloves that will help us do just that.

To start:

1.Remember that God is with us in hard times.

2. The Bible is full of encouragement about hard times (pick it up and read)

3. Hard times are a way for us to grow stronger in our faith.

4. Place your focus on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. (Philippians 4::8)

Now you may say, Coach Char, ain't no way I’m focusing on #4 especially if I’ve just been gut punched!  

I hear you screaming at me! Lol 

I never said this was easy, but we must be willing to invoke change. Change the way we’re used to handling tough times. We must allow, allow God to do what only he can do in and through us and the situation. We must remember our village, the ones who are standing outside the boxing ring, cheering you on, praying you through, holding you up when you just can’t stand any more!

 That part!👆🏾

Rolling with the punches is not about skill but about FAITH!

I love y'all for real!

I'm Coach Char,  your Devotional Diva here to keep you grounded in your Class, Character, and Femininity in Christ! Smooches 💋 


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