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The Great Exchange

Have you ever brought something from the store and had to return it? Just not quite the right fit or shade, or whatever!

If you're like me, Sometimes you don't even bother returning the item, just too much of a hassle and so u end up with a stockpile of stuff, mess, u don't even want or need! You could probably open up a pop up store and sell all those items, right?

This got me to thinking about how God offers us this great exchange! He says, take my yoke upon you and learn from me (Matthew 11:29). He's saying, that burden that you carry, here, drop it right here at my feet and take up mine! Mine is much easier, lighter. There are also good lessons that come with my burden. Lessons of humility, love, and how to care for yourself.

When I think about that and think of my burdens I'm carrying around like a ball and chain, all the things I'm still holding on to because I "think" it's just easier to tuck them away as if they don't exist, don't return them or exchange them for what I really and truly want!

God says you're worth a million, trillion exchanges! He'll take them all just to give you that one beautiful exchange! His yoke!

I love y'all for real!

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