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The Mask!

Wearing a mask these days has become our new normal, but the one thing I dislike about masks are; you can't see fully who the other person is and neither can they see you. Yes, you can see their physical appearance but there is something so important, so intriguing, about seeing someone's full face!

When I greet people in the stores or on the street I can't tell if there smiling back at me and they can't tell if I'm smiling at them. I can't get a good read on them because part of them is covered up! Do you feel this way too or is it just me?

Masks are a necessity now to keep us healthy and protected and although this is very real and true, the mask also steals something from us. Now we can really hide! We can put on our masks and go about our business and if someone asks how we are we can smile and say "great" but are we really great? They would never know.

But God sees through the masks. He sees the real you, the hurt you, the angry you, the confused you, the disappointed you. He sees it all! Psalm 39 says "Lord you have examined my heart and know everything about me."

I'm so glad he does! There's no mask we can ever wear that would hide us from him. He doesn't want our mask, he wants us!

Moral of the story is this: Don't let your mask become your identity. Don't become so comfortable with it that you lose yourself in the process.

I love ya'll for real!


#smooches 💋










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