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The Perfect Storm

There are two things that can happen when a storm enters our lives. One, God will walk us through it (even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Your rod and your staff they comfort me), or two, God will raise you up above the storm, he will be your "sagav" (Hebrew word meaning "to be high"), your refuge.

Some storms are meant to be walked through. There are lessons to be learned, life changes that need to be made, and then there are storms that come that are meant to crush us, oppress us, and bind us up. These storms are the ones that our daddy will lift you out of with his righteous and mighty right hand! We can sit back, relax, and let Him take us to new heights!

Either way, we needn't fear our storms. We've got the best weatherman in town!

God’s a safe-house for the battered, a sanctuary during bad times. The moment you arrive, you relax; you’re never sorry you knocked.

Psalm 9:9‭-‬10 MSG

I love y'all for real!

I'm Coach Char, your Devotional Diva here to keep you grounded in your Class, Character, and Femininity in Christ!

Smooches 💋

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