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The Untapped Power of Forgiveness

What you talkin' bout Willis? Forgiving someone or myself does not feel powerful!

I get it! But check this out. Hurt people hurt people all day and all night, that's just a part of our sinful nature! And when we're hurt or we hurt others it creates this energy in our bodies that become quite toxic. It's gonna show up in all kinds of ways like mental and physical health. The next thing you know you're on all types of medication and in therapy, for years!

That my friend's does not make you feel very powerful! As a matter of fact, you feel broken, hurt, and angry! No POWER in that at all!

But when you start practicing forgiveness, that's when you start tapping into your power! The operative word here is PRACTICE!

first step. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you (this is not something you can do outside of God)

Second, be intentional every day to affirm some sort of phrase like, " I forgive myself and others and claim my power" or "Jesus forgives me daily therefore I can forgive", just to name a few.

Look, I'm not telling you this is easy or a overnight fix. Like I mentioned earlier, it's going to take the two P's, Prayer and Practice! And as a result you will have gained that fourth P, Power!

Your takeaway: Forgiveness is the final form of LOVE!

I love y'all for real!

This is coach Char coming at ya with another Diva Devotional to help keep us grounded in Class, Character, and Femininity in Christ!

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